About Us

Established since 1984, ProSer Industries has continuously deliver its customers highly precise, accurate and customized outputs in terms of product and cost efficiency. ProSer is a pioneer in various machining operations as well as fabrication (both industrial as well as civil), which clearly reflects in the ever increasing highly recognized clientele retaining trust of its former customers. With its firm establishment in the Mechanical Industry ,ProSer has also entered into the Automation delivers Products and Services to its customers in different verticals of business such as MECHANICAL , ELECTRONICS, CIVIL, FIBRICATION under one roof.

Commercial Building Gates

Autocad drawing of a Commercial/Factory building boundary wall and entry/exit gate design. Gate and Boundary wall made in M.S. Tube with paint finish. Drawing contains detailed plan, elevation, required sections.

Residential Building Gates

Residential buildings usually have boundary walls and gates that clearly demarcate the structure and protect them against entry of uninvited guests. A front door is also the opening from where energies enter and exit

Metal Doors and windows

Metal doors can be inside a home, and using them internally in addition to exterior doors will give your decor a consistent look. Used within the interior, metal-framed doors and partitions let light

Aluminium Office Components

Aluminum office components is use for power line,high rise buidings,window frame,consumer electronics,Household and industrial appliances,Spacecraft components

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminum sliding windowsis mostly use for Easy to open and far simpler to operate as the sash movement also ensures better ventilation Secure locking system Noise, dust, heat, and pollution resistant Available in a range of designs and colors Sliding windows are best suited for wide openings Lightweight yet strong and durable Slim yet sturdy frames.

Mechanical Component Manufacturing Consultancy

Mechanical engineering services design machiner,fasteners, composite structures, gears, motor vehicles, and refrigeration systems. Machine design services use computer aided design (CAD) applications to develop machinery and robotics.

operation Process Consultancy

Developing and implementing target operating / service delivery models, executing cost reduction programmes and optimising business processes.

Industrial Tool and Cutters ReSharpening

The re-sharpening cutter tool is regenerating the active edges of the males, worn out during processing using sharpening system and CNC grinders.

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